See how our services can save you money in tyre replacement and vehicle maintenance.


Everyday occurrences such as driving over a pot hole (or dare we say hitting a curb!), even driving on a rough road surface over time can put your wheel alignment out.  In addition, if you have any suspension related repairs a wheel alignment is necessary as those repairs can affect the alignment.   Sure signs your vehicle needs an alignment are if your vehicle wanders to the left or right or, your steering wheel is not straight.

Wouldn’t you like to keep your tyres on for another couple of years before you replace them?  When your wheel alignment is out, tyre tread wears unevenly and tyres need to be replaced more frequently.  Uneven tyre tread is dangerous as the whole tyre surface does not make contact with the road.  This reduces tyre grip leading to a loss of traction jeopardising the safety of you and your passengers in Auckland’s already hazardous driving conditions – never mind a rainy day!  Uneven wear could potentially in some instances lead to replacing your tyres up to 25,000kms earlier than a tyre that has worn normally.  For a lot of drivers 25,000kms could take a couple of years to achieve!  And, if this is happening on all four tyres = $$$.

Save money in tyre replacement by ensuring you regularly perform a wheel alignment.  We recommend at least every 6 months or 10,000kms.  Now, we understand we all juggle many balls so to help you remember we place a sticker on the inside of your windscreen to remind you when alignment is next due.

JP Tyres can perform a full four wheel alignment service for all passenger and SUV vehicles, and now with our latest acquisition of a second Hunter Hawkeye commercial wheel alignment machine we can service long wheel base / high top commercial vehicles also.  We use the latest digital Hunter wheel alignment equipment with annual specification upgrades covering all vehicle models meaning we can service even the latest release vehicles.  So, call in and see us or phone for a booking today.


Wheel  balancing is one of the most cost effective services you can perform on your vehicle to save on maintenance costs and improve the performance of your vehicle.

As you drive tread wears away from your tyre and over time the tyre and wheel become out of balance.  What does this mean for you?  You will probably notice your steering wheel beginning to vibrate or shudder at certain speeds.  Not only is this uncomfortable for the driver but, failing to have your wheels balanced can result in worn suspension components ie, shock absorbers and also uneven tyre wear both of which will hit you in the pocket.

JP Tyres uses the latest technology in wheel balancing equipment with Hunter wheel balancing machines, servicing both steel and aluminum wheels.  We also offer a European stud balance service for all European passenger and SUV vehicles.  If you notice any of the above mentioned irregularities in your vehicle then call in and see us or phone for a booking today.


JP Tyres uses elite Corgi tyre fitting machines for conventional tyre service and we also use elite Corgi fitting machine for run on flat tyres and top end performance tyres.


Sometimes getting a puncture can mean you need a new tyre but, not always.  If the flat tyre has been driven on continuously while flat it will damage the sidewall so when you notice a puncture pull over as soon as is safe and change to the spare tyre.  Bring the tyre to us and we will check the puncture is not to close to the shoulder or sidewall of the tyre as repairs in these areas can be extremely unstable.  For the safety of you, your passengers and other drivers on the road we will not repair punctures of this nature.  However, if the puncture is of a nature that can be fixed, it is a ten minute procedure that can be done while you wait (workload permitting).